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Ward No 6


Brief Introduction 

Ward no. 6 of Bhaktapur Municipality is also popularly known as Bholachen, Mulachen, Chochen, Lalachen, Byasi, Tuchhimala. The ward is known nationally for its brick windows (terra kota), embroidered windows (kunajyal), Machhindra Narayan Mela, Mahakali Mahalakshmi Jatra and Chuma Ganesh Jatra. This ward is considered to be the motherland of Navdurga and on the day of Mahanavami, the masked display of Navdurga virtues, the earthen pylon in Tuchimala has its own unique feature. This ward is one of the wards with artistic embroidered windows.

In the old settlements of this ward, almost all the roads are paved with bricks and stones, so the ward looks relatively clean. In this ward, out of five ponds, 2 ponds are preserved, 2 ponds have been encroached and 1 pond has been filled and a school has been built.

Former Ward no. 5 and 9 combined to form ward no. 5 of Bhaktapur Municipality. The ward has a population of 9,082 of which 4,601 are females and 4,481 are males. Forty percent of the populations are living in other wards and municipalities and other districts.

Changunarayan municipality lies in the north of this ward and ward no. 5 and 7 of Bhaktapur Municipality in the South, while ward no. 10 and ward no. 2 of Bhaktapur Municipality in the east and west respectively. In this ward 97 percent people are educated. The total area of ​​this ward is 0.3498 sq. Km. The number of households here is 1,052.

Most people in this ward believe in Hinduism, some in Buddhism, and some in Christianity. Most of them speak Newari language while some of them also speak Nepali language. Although the ward is mostly resident by Newar, Chhetri, Dalit and some Tamangs also live there.


Major touristic destinations

Chuma Ganesh Temple and Dya:chhen

Mahakali temple and Dya:chhen

Purveshwar Mahadev Temple

Vishwakarma Aagaachhen

Mahakali peeth

Bholache Narayan Temple

Choche Dhunge Bhairav ​​Temple

Narayan Temple

Ligancha pond

Bholachhen pond

Ancha Pukhu

Tuchhimala Dug Well

Tuchhimala Pati

Bholachhen Pati

Wanti Falcha

Chochen Pati

Dalcha Pati

Mulachhen Pati


Ward no. 6 Ward committee

Chairman: Hariram Suwal

Member: Roshan Maiya Suwal

Member: Sita Devi Nepali

Member: Govinda Duwal

Member: Siddhi Ram Awal

Ward Contact Number: