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Ward No. 4


Brief Introduction  

This ward no. 4 of Bhaktapur Municipality has its own historical and cultural identity. The Ikhalachi Math, Ram Temple, Mangal Tirtha, Barahi Peeth, Taleju Temple of Banlapuli (Brahmapur) etc. are some of the most important cultural heritage sites of this ward. In addition, Akhandashil Vihar, the place of providing soil for the creation of Navdurga has its own historical importance, and the artistic stone fountain of Bulcha are the cultural jewels of this ward. Pottery Square, which is internationally known, also falls within this ward. Newari language (Nepal Bhasa) is predominant in this ward for Newar caste is predominant in this ward. As per the census of 2068 BS, the population of this ward is 8,248 out of which 4,134 are females and 4,114 are males. The number of households is 1,715. Currently, there are 914 people receiving social security benefits. One staff nurse and 12 volunteers are engaged for the health care of the people of this ward.

The main occupations of the inhabitants of this ward are agriculture, trade, employment and making pottery. The ward is bounded in the east by Ward No. 5 of Bhaktapur Municipality,Ward No. 3 of Bhaktapur Municipality in the west, Ward no. 3 and 5 of Bhaktapur Municipality on the north and on the south by the Araniko Highway and  Suyabinayak Municipality. The ward occupies a total area of 0.28 sq. Km. at an altitude of 1,330 meters above the sea-level. The ward is located 27.67066 degrees longitude and 85.4291 degrees.


Historical, cultural sites and social, government and other institutions

Dafa Bhajan, Dhalta Bhajan, Bansuri Baja and Dhime Baja Khal - 23

Dug Well - 54

Dhunge dhara (Stone fountain) - 5

Dhwaka - 1

Pond - 2

Well - 2

Pati - 58

Math - 4

Public Tap - 33

Sattal - 18 ota

Cooperatives - 21

Commercial Bank - 7

Club, Local Reform Committee - 21

Government schools - 5 ​​


Major touristic destinations

Barahi Temple (Barahi Peeth)

Bhairav ​​temple

Jetha Ganesh Temple (Talako)

Talako Gorakhnath Temple (Talako Donfo)

Laxmi Narasingh Temple (Gahiti)

Makcho Ganesh Temple (Mangalachen)

Manakamana Temple (Dumlacha)

Chhag: Deg: and Swagan Deg: (Mangaltirtha Shivalaya)

Bhadrakali Azima Dya:chhenn (Laiko Palungal)

Ram Temple and Shiva Temple (inside Ram Temple Shivalaya)

Patal Ganesh Temple (Gahiti)

Bhairavnath's Dya:chhenn (Chapal)

Quantale's courtyard

Vatuk Shweta Bhairav ​​Temple and Dya:chhenn (Bulucha)

Ganesh Temple of Yosinchwa, Kwantale

Khala's chukki ajima

Shiva Nani Narayan Temple at Chapal (lock)

Ghatkha haimadya: (Ghatkha)

Balampuli Taleju Dya:chhenn (Nasamana)

Balampuli Shyam Sundar Bhajan Mandal (Nasamana)

Kalhacha Champakeshwar Mahadev Temple (Kalhacha)

Degmana pond

Thucho Khyo Pond


Ward no.4 Ward Committee

Chairman: Upendra Suwal

Member: Krishna Sundar Prajapati

Member: Purushottam Tamakhu

Member: Vishnu Keshari Duwal

Ward Contact Number: